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house on slope


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hello everyone!

i'm not sure if i should post this here, or in the LANDMARK forum....but here goes. i noticed something on the training CD (which i simply got a glance at - i dont actually own them) that interested me. it was a series of contour lines which i assume modelled the shape of the land on which the particular building was constructed. what i want to know is, do I use landmark or architect to replicate a particular piece of land by using something like contours, and exactly how do I go about doing it?

thank you for your help, in advance!

always, nic

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Architect has a Site Model command as does Landmark. There are a few options Landmark has that Architect doesn't have such as Site Analysis and Site Model Section cut to name the two obvious ones.

If you go to the Aec menu, you'll see Site model and some other commands pertaining to creating a DTM.

The user's guide will have more inforamtion on how to use these commands to create a DTM.

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