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project planner?


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hullo everyone

i've recently been told about a VWA function called 'project planner' or something of the sort. apparently it allows you to simply draw your built environment and it automatically sends different components to various parts of your file...or something...wierd...that I don't understand. does ANYONE know what i'm talking about? if you do, can you explain it to me a little more? i suppose i'll be finding out how it works soon enough, but for the time being, any info would be appreciated...



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I think you're referring to "Task Manager". When you use the setup routines in VW Architect, Task Manager will allow you to specify a sheet to work on, a task to do, and it will automatically set up your layer and class. Some users like it (because it allows them to easily standardize group work), some users dislike it (because they find that it interrupts their design flow.)

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