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Pasting and keeping assigned layers and classes

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Have a new project with not much work in it yet. Just did some major revisions to my template so wanted to copy/paste my new project into my new template. All the objects are assigned to the current class and layer settings after the paste. Is there a way to keep the class/layer settings from the original file? I am not seeing that the paste command has any options. Maybe I'm going about this in the wrong way.


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You classes shouldn’t change.


For objects on design layers it is better to import the design layers.. When you import DLs there is an option to import layer objects. Jut make sure the DLS have different names than those already in the file.

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My fresh file is a copy of my template file. There are things on  most DLs which I would not want to disappear if I deleted the DL. It would be straightforward to deal with imported objects which are ordered by the imported DL.

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22 minutes ago, KrisM said:

Are you saying I would have to rename the DLs in my project file which contain objects to a new name. 

Yes or change the dl names in your template. Just as long as the names are not exactly the same. You can just add a dash or full stop to the name. Once imported you can easily move objects from one dl to another. 

If you’ve done any edits to the dls in your original file like scale, elevation, height etc, you probably want to use those layers rather than the template one anyway. 

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