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Door Configuration Error - changing when exporting from 2020 to 2021


My client and I are experiencing a strange problem.  He is providing a floor plan developed in 2021, exporting to 2020 so I can use it.  When I receive the file, all doors look and behave as they should.  I'm not changing any of his floorplan information or door definitions, just using them for reference.  When I send him my 2020 file and it is opened in 2021, all of the Overhead, Bi-part sliders, Sliding, and Pocket doors have their configuration changed to Swing.  We are stumped, any help is appreciated.


Here's an image of the crazy doors...


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Jeff,

I've been playing with this, was able to reproduce the issue, and submitted a bug (VB-179585).


The issue happens when the file is exported back to VW 2020, opened in VW 2020, and saved without resetting the Door object.  At that point, when bringing the file back into VW 2021, those Doors will change their configuration.


Until there's  fix, I think the best way to work around the issue is, after opening the exported file in VW 2020, reset all Door objects in the file and Save.  BTW:  The "Reset All Plug-ins" command in the Tools/Utilities menu is one way to reset them all, but it'll also reset all other plug-in objects.

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