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Can you advice me how to export a IFC file that's not bigger

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When I export an IFC file it makes the file size 3 times larger than the VW file size.


The VW file is around 800 MB and the IFC file is around 2.6GB which makes my client find it difficult to operate with it.


Can you advise me with a good settings which will reduce the export file size? Setting that works with the facilities management industry.


Thank you very much in advance!



1) IFCZip is not working well with my client  for some reason.

2) I'm in top plan view and the 3D conversion resolution is set to 'low' still there is no improvement in the file size. 


FYI, I've imported an IFC file which was exported from Revit and i'm fixing the spaces with VW 2020 and exporting it back to IFC. it will be helpful if you can advice me a better setting in the whole process which can reduce my file size.



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