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Custom Truss symbol insertion points?

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Reaching out to the hive mind to see if anyone has experience with creating custom truss symbols using the 'convert to truss' tool.


There are a few Prolyte S36R objects that I can't find in the library, the corner blocks and such like, so I decided, in my wisdom, to use the DWG symbols available on Prolytes website and make my own.


All seemed to be going well using the 'convert to truss' tool, entering all the info I could find etc. until I jumped back out and tried to attach the truss section to each other and it goes mental berky. The insertion/connection point seems to be way off, as shown in the picture, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix this issue.


Has anyone experienced this and found a workaround, or just generally more intelligent than me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Currently, where is the insertion point of the truss?  All trusses must have their insertion point be on the left edge and centered between the chords and the bottom of the geometry should be at Z=0.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can convert to truss at any point.  If you go into the 'Edit 3D Component' of the truss that is having issues you can adjust the geometry there.  When I make the truss for the default content I always place the geometry properly before making the symbol out of habit but it is not necessary.  The "Edit 3D Component' mentioned above willed you fix any issues.


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Having a little play with it. So I'm working on a right angle corner piece S36R-C003 and now I've shifted the geometry a little I'm kinda getting used to it. I'm guessing in the attached picture the orange crosses are the truss insertion points for the two connections, so I now need to rotate the 3D geometry for the correct faces to match this and then it will be correct?




How does this work for especially complex pieces such as the Prolyte S36R C012 and C013 where there is a left and right version of the truss pieces? I'm trying to get my head around initial geometry orientation....


Thanks again!



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like the setup of the corner connections is incorrect in the Truss Properties window.  I am going to DM you a document that shows how to set up all the different pieces of truss.

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