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Walls that curve out

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Domes again. If the dome is a hemisphere, then I can section it along a wall line and edit the wall top to match the curve of the dome. (Still have the outstanding question of how to not get the polygon lines when I section the dome....posted over in 3D Solids forum) But I have some domes that are more than a hemisphere...say, 2/3 of a sphere. So as I rise off the floor, the wall curves out before curving back in to the peak. But wall objects don't seem to edit that way. The bottom vertex won't move either in or out. And the top corner verticies won't move out beyond the bottom ones. In fact, no point will move outside of the prior points, so there seems to be no way to show a wall that slopes out before it slopes in.

Of course I can make the wall out of an extrusion, but then I give up other useful features of VW, like symbol insertion.

Ideas? Thanks.

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Just throwing this out, asI am on VW8.5.2, but I believe some later versions allow you to reshape the bottom of the wall, just like the top. (Please correct me if wrong).

If the widest point of the dome is the same height all around, can you set the floor line of the wall at the elevation of the wide point, then reshape the top and bottom to fit the curve?

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Make the protruding edges of the wall an extrusion, and keep the inner part a wall. Only way I know of. Of course, you may get some extraneous lines at the juncture when converting to lines.

On the polygons - for some reason VW has not gone all the way with NURBS modeling. With a NURBS 3D modeling program, 3D polygons are done away with. Hopefully, full NURBS modeling is in the future for VW. Have you used Rhino? Not designed for architects, but there is a cheap demo version which you can get to check out what NURBS modeling can do. It's faster (much faster) and cleaner.

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