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A bit stuck with walls


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Hey there

I am having a bit of a problem with my Major Project building. The walls for this building are not built in a convenional way (It dates back to the 1700's) and I am unsure how to achieve this. In the following images I need to get the window (on the left) into the wall. Is there any way I am able to extrude the walls up off the ground plane as solid objects (any suggestions as to the type of 3d way to do this so they will be editible in the future will be most helpful) and then cut a hole in them, the shape of the window. If anyone knows the correct way to do this please help me out.




Mikie -

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If you make the window a symbol, you can place it in the wall just like any other window.

If you want the wall to become a 3d object - you can convert it to a 3d polygon via the Model menu.

Then make the window a 3d object via the model menu and use the Solid Subtractoin command.

If you need to move a wall up off the ground, just switch to a front view and move the wall up or use the move command, or the OIP.

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Hi Katie

Thanks for the reply - I think I have found a way around it.

I have another question. I am creating walls with one cavity of 32mm. The external fabric is a double course of brickwork as is the internal fabric. What I need to do is to show the drawing conventions for the brickwork on plan, but I am unable to find a way to apply a hatch to the wall so it just fills the brickwork sections. All I am able to do is fill the cavity. I don't understand why a cavity would be filled anyway as it is a cavity; an empty space that is there to stop damp getting to the interior fabric. The only things in a cavity are wall ties. [Confused]


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