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Wall Framer lumber sizes


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Hello all,

Is there a way to "re-frame" walls on a certain layer (that has already been framed) and select the "Framer-Header" class in the options pallete so I can change the nominal lumber size to 2x10?

Hence (in my dream world of solutions) update my framed wall and worksheets with 2x10 headers instead of 2x4.

......or do I need to just quit while I'm ahead and do it manually?

Thanks for any help!


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Do you want to keep all the other layers at the original frame settings?

If you have this wall already frammed and you want to keep everything except this one layer at the 2x4 and only change this one layer of walls to 2x10 - it looks like you will need to create a new framer for the 2x10 - run that with the one layer. Then go back and run the 2x4 framer again.

It will not automatically leave off that one layer after it's been specified to be used in the 2x10 framer.

Make sure when you run the 2x4 framer again, you leave off the one layer of walls.

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Actually it is only one layer. The second floor walls. I was hoping I could set some parameters and have the studs framed with 2x4's and the headers (above the windows and doors) framed with 2x10's so it is reflected in not only the elevation drawings, but recorded in the takeoff's or material lists.

It seems to me (although it is not quite clear) you can frame seperate "Classes" within a certain layer, but I am not able to choose the "Framer-Header" class to change the lumber size.

Is there a vectorscript I can edit so the parts of the wall that become the headers (Framer-Header Class) are a different size than what it offers now?

Thank you,


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