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reflected ceiling plan


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i need this process explained a little more clearer than the manual. on my rcp plan, i use the show ceiling view command but none of my door/wdws are visible not even in clg view. i've got them on the sills class (from using task manager). and when i go back to the floor plan and use the show floor view command everything shows up but my room names.

also...what is the best way to add ceiling joists at this point?


vw architect 10.1/osX.2.4

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i also just got an alert "task data.txt". i had just figured out how to make my doors/windows behave properly on the rcp. the sills class was not visible so then i use the show ceiling command and it was ok. i went back to the plan and used show floor view command....some of my rooms names did not show. i went to task manaager to go to the room names task and i got the above message. now the file is frozen and i will have to probably force quit the program to clear it out.

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Cherie, doors should be drawn in the 'Doors-Main' class, not the 'Sills' class. Note that the 'Sills' class is for objects that show up -only- on floor plans. If you are using the classing door libraries that come with VWA, this is kind of a non-problem, as the doors will auto-class into the 'Doors-Main' class.

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i reinstalled vw works like you said in a new directory and went through rcp process again. on rcp drawing, i used "show ceiling view" with no problems: everything worked and showed up this time. i then went back to the plan and ran "show plan view". the vectorscript message "the "ip resources" file was not found" popped up at the bottome of the screen, door and windows did not change from rcp view. i then got a beep sound and the doors/windows changed to plan view. i then went to task manager and got the same alert as before, "required date file "task data.txt" has encountered an undetermined error".

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I had a similar problem (doorsselected from plug-in after using VW set up) and submitted to VW almost 2 months ago. I have to trun them into objects, ungroup them, edit the sill as sill class to get anything resembling what it sued to do automatically.


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1. I'd like to know in what layer (and what class) should you draw overhead stuff like bulkheads or beams that should show as dashed lines in Plan but solid lines in Reflected Ceiling. I am drawing them in Ceiling-Overhead which looks perfect in Plan but then show the dashed lines in Elevation.

2. Also I tried a 2D section but I did not get an elevation of the items I am supposedly looking towards (walls, windows, doors, etc) only the sectioned floor, walls and roof slab.


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Quick note to Users:

To avoid re-installing and replacement of Plug-ins sometimes all you need to do is trash the '.ds_store' ( invisible database file which gets corrupted) within the Plug-in Folder.

>Quit VW

>use DSwipe or similar to trash '.ds_store'

>Open VW and it will rebuild the data file for the directory.

This trick works wonders with most apps.

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