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A quick Question to all architects regarding windows dimensions

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Hi all,


I know all or most of all architects go and use the Window schedule worksheet to dimension and size the windows. But when you designing the window, if you are going to have a 1200mm height by 1400mm wide, are those 1200mm height accounting with the Sill or not ? 


Why i'm asking this is every time i want to think of a window size i usually go to the structural dimension of the window and not the window size itself and the Sill has to be accounted for but when designing it if i go for 1200mm height i usually get to remove 75mm or 50mm depending of the size of the Sill.


Relative to the doors the Threshold is incorporated with the door height so a 2100mm height door if i add a threshold it goes within this dimension and doesn't increase the height to 2150mm or something, 


Wouldn't it be better for the window to have that possibility too or am i thinking wrongly??

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