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Text justification when importing a dwg file

Kevin K


I have tried 600 ways from Sunday to have text justification correct when importing a dwg file.  For some arcane reason, the text that comes along with a dwg file never arrives in the imported file the way it should look.  Text that is supposed to be right justified, is left, etc, etc.

So…..it is more than irritatingly necessary to take a lot of time to adjust the text.


I am sure others have experienced this over the years ?  Or, perhaps there is some setting hidden beneath the earth that deals with this situation.

I would hate to get Pat Stanford out of bed to resolve this little gem of an issue, but I am considering just that 🙂


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Kevin K,


In general you should not have troubles to import the text alignment correctly. Can we, please, have the DWG file, so that we can check what is going on during import? You could send the file directly to me.




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In theory text should import with the same alignment as in the DWG file, but... it could be that the UCS (= VW user origin) of the drawing was mirrored relative to the WCS (= VW Internal Origin) and Vectorworks does seem to use the WCS upon importing (it used to be that way as I found out with strange imports and noticed the UCS was not aligned with the WCS, not 100% sure if that is still the case so I would have to test that). This might cause the text orientation to be a mirrored upon import, just a guess for what might be the possible cause.


Or the drawing was mirrored in the DWG file and VW is still using the original text direction of the text blocks, which might be another possibility, assuming it only happens with that one DWG file.


There are lots of ways to mess up a DWG based drawing from a drafting perspective while still making it look ok. 😁 The downside is that when importing it into other software it may cause a bit (or a lot) of a mess with some (or a lot of) things.

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