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Adjusting Fixture Intensity/Output

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I have a row of Colorforce 72 LED strip lights focused at a white wall, replicating a cyc.


When I bring the lights up in the console at 1%, the fixtures are visually about where 25% should be on the dimming curve (this is a real-life problem too). I'm trying to essentially quash the output of these fixtures so they're about half as bright as Vision thinks they are, to allow for finer control of lower-level intensities. 


When I make adjustments to the candela in Vision, the output seems to disappear entirely from the top half of the dimming curve. IE: once the console reaches 50% output, the light does not get any brighter. It's as if 50% has become "full" in Vision.


Is there a different way I should be going about this?




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Selecting the lights in the Scene Graph Dock should also force the lights to full intensity. Do they get any brighter when selected this way?

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What I typically do when working with CF strips is to proportionally patch them at 65%.  It makes the bottom of the dimming curve a bit rough (pop on when fading up from black, but they do that in real life, too), but it reads more accurately and is an easy change when you migrate the show file into reality.

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