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Remove Invisible PDF Layers

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Heya Team,


This may really be more of an Adobe PDF question than a Vectorworks question, but I'm sure it applies to many people working with table layouts in a venue


THE DESIRED OUTCOME - We would love to provide a single PDF to an in-house venue with every possible table layout turned on, they can then edit this in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to turn off unwanted layers and leave the ones they want. This way they can provide their clients with a floorplan, without needing us to create a Vectorworks file for each event.


THE PROBLEM - Once we've exported the PDF with all layers on, using Adobe Acrobat to turn off undesired layers, leaves no way of saving this new setup so that the when the client opens it, they only see their design. What's happening is, that after creating the design, if the file is closed and the reopened, all layers are turned back on. 


What would be ideal is to delete all invisible layers in the PDF document so all that remains is the desired outcome. I see that you can delete individual layers one at a time. We're dealing with maybe 50 setups, so this would take forever. Has anyone tackled an issue like this and found a nice workflow? Thank you so much in advance!

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