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STOP reverting to SREEN PLANE!!!


Why has Vectorworks recently taken up reverting to Screen Plane?  I'm finding every third thing I do is wrong because I think I'm working in Layer Plane mode, in 3D, no need for screen plane, don't WANT screen plane, but it just keeps randomly deciding that Screen Plane is right for me.  It's NOT!!!!!!!!!!!  I KEEP telling the software, in Document Preferences > Plane Mode that I want "Working Plane Only."  Repeatedly.  Over and over.  Why can't I, as the user, decide which plane mode I want to work in???  Am I missing something?  Probably... after several days of fighting with Marionette my patience for VWDW is pretty limited... 

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Will, I had the opposite problem.  No use for Layer Plane, but VW kept reverting to that preference.  I finally figured out it was a bug that was triggered by editing the crop in a sheet layer viewport.  That has been fixed as of VW2020.  Maybe that will help you track down the problem.  Everytime it happens, try to track what you just did, even if there is no apparent logical connection.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/27/2021 at 2:29 AM, willofmaine said:

Why has Vectorworks recently taken up reverting to Screen Plane? 


I think because VW can't really separate or prohibit screen plane completely

as screen plane is hardcoded in so many hidden Tools and things you would

not expect. 3D! DLVP Crops or strange screen plane-like Extrude Planes

and such.


I also would prefer to never meet any screen or other funny plane beside

any XY, XZ or YZ plane at any designated Z, Y or X position.

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The screen plane was the original VectorWorks 2d object mode, so I would not be surprised if it is embedded somewhere.  The Layer Plane object is almost like a 3d polygon, while the Screen Plane object is the essential bridge between thoughts best expressed in 2d from any view, and 3d modeling.  But if you don't like it - I hope they can fix the preference so you can avoid meeting them!

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It would be nice if there could be a setting that would fix screen plane to sheet layers only so that design layers would always be in layer plane.

There can be use for screen plane on design layers in specific situations but it does have its restrictions compared to layer plane if you are also used to other CAD software.

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@Art V 

Some users may not see the need for Screen Plane objects, but those who use them do see the need, especially in design layers.  No matter what working plane view you are in, Screen Plane is there to import and create geometry and relationships.

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On 5/27/2021 at 7:47 PM, P Retondo said:

I finally figured out it was a bug that was triggered by editing the crop in a sheet layer viewport.  That has been fixed as of VW2020.


Wow, looks like I first encountered this issue (VWIS008) in 2013:



Currently, the problem seems to occur after editing a 2D symbol on a design layer.


@GWS said "The whole Layer/Screen Plane issue has never really been resolved, it's so far behind other CAD programs.

Even the less expensive end of the market has this sorted. It is basic structure like this that is holding VW back in the market, and indeed from the user point of view."


And that was in 2013!!! 


EIGHT YEARS LATER and we're still struggling with Layer Plane, Working Plane, Screen Plane, Screen Aligned, Symbol Definition, 3D, Extrude Along Path.  Holy cow!!!


In the meantime, could we PLEASE have a REAL & PERSISTENT ability to select "Working Plane Only" in the Plane Mode options of Document Preferences?!?!?  Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   VWIS008

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