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P Retondo

DTM delete glitch?

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For what it's worth, I've had the same problem. I'm starting to think the only "safe" way to use dtms is as a workgroup reference. That way, when you run into a problem, you just create a new reference...And let's be honest - you will run into a problem with your dtm [smile]

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Robert: VWA 10.1, Win2k

Here's what I found to be the "problem": if I create my model without setting a border, things go well. I probably made 10 attempts to create my model, finally did it successfully (mind you, I've been creating site models for some time, usually without a hitch - but this is the first time I've attempted to create a model from which I could do a cut & fill calculation).

Either there was something wrong with my border (it worked initially to create an existing model, but in retrospect was the cause of both errors and crashes), or there is something unstable about the border code. Most of the time when I attempted to create a "Proposed site model" object with the border in place, the program crashed. Finally, I abandoned the border, and everything worked as it is supposed to. I would recommend adding a border as the last step in any attempt to build a DTM.

For those who are interested, I found that I had to work around apparent vestiges of DTM corruption that the undo command, combined with the DTM "Delete" command, did not remove. I did this by creating a fresh document and pasting the existing objects layer by layer into place. After doing a half dozen of these, I finally got smart and started saving two versions of the document - a "current" one and a "backup" that I could go back to after a crash. In this manner I was able to take the process a step at a time without having to go back to the beginning each time. Although I don't use Workgroup Referencing (my workgroup all use AutoCAD and refuse to switch), I imagine this is a process similar to that recommended above by zero.

A few observations that I think would lead to improvements:

1) Robert's advice in a previous thread, about encircling a set of modified 3D contours with a "fence" object, does work correctly. Note that both the fence and all of the contours must be made members of the class "Site-DTM-Modifiers" (thank you, Robert!). This should be added to the manual!

2) As it stands, users need a more technical description of what is going on with each DTM command, so that we can know where the mines in the minefield are. (E.g., what exaclty does the "Cut and fill" command do - what objects with what names are involved in what?)

3) The "Delete" command under Sitework does not appear to remove all vestiges of a created DTM, in that a set of data that yielded a successful model will no longer work once attempting to back out and redo - the same data when copied into a fresh file will work correctly.

4) The ability to modify a site model to create a "Proposed" object is too limited. When I attempt to add, for example, a swimming pool excavation on top of a set of new contours, I run afoul of the "overlapping modifier objects" error. If the "Existing site model" object can be modified, it would seem logical that a "Proposed site model" object could be successively modified in the same way.

All in all, despite the time it took to learn the little quirks of this tool, I came up with a cut and fill calculation about as fast as I could have done a rougher estimate manually. Next time, I hope to be able to reap the rewards of technology when doing this!

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I created a DTM, but forgot to set a boundary first. I had already created and modified a proposed site model object. I then added a boundary object, attempted to regenerate the DTM and the program crashed.

I then deleted the DTM symbols and used the "Delete" command to delete the DTM internal info (boundary object and modifier objects classes set to "none"). When I attempted to re-create the DTM, I received an error message ("A miscellaneous error has occurred error codes 20,1"). I get the same message when I attempt to check the 3D polys. I have run into this before. If I completely rebuild the file, recreating all layers and objects, I can then generate the DTM. It appears to me that the "delete" command is not working properly.

Is this a known situation? Is there an easy workaround?

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