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A sheet set to all on will still have all new classes revert to invisble.

The sheet needs to be re-saved and overwritten with the new class set to visible when the class is created, or the sheet needs to be edited with the same setting.

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i've added new classes to my project for some existing conditions. i've noticed that when i change tasks through task manager (or changes classes) that these new classes are invisible. so, i have to go and manually turn them on for that class. that's not so bad but they don't stay turned on and i have to turn them on again when i'm back in that class. is there a place where i can have these new classes defaulting to visible in all classes?


vw architect 10.1/osX.2.4

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If you are working with sheets, go to the sheet, edit the sheet so the classes are set to visible.

Make sure you check mark Restore Class Visibility and Layer Visibility (if applicable for layers).

New classes are set to be invisible in the sheet parameters when working with sheets.

Editing and saving the sheets with the new classes set to visible will address the issue.

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