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Site Model Problem


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Hi there.

At college, we're running VW Architect 10 on Mac OS 10.2. For a project I am going over, I am trying to model the topography of the site. Previously I had traced the contours in illustrator (using the pen tool), placing each interval on a separate layer. I exported this file as a dxf, and imported it into Architect, and each of those layers became a class. No problem (quite handy really). In Architect, I selected all and converted to 2d polylines. I then went to AEC>Survey Input>2D polys to 3d contours, set the start height (55m/55000mm) and the interval (5m/5000mm) and tried both 3D polys and 3D loci. I went through the process fine, and the software created the DTM layer. I then went to AEC>Site Model... and started that. It went ok for a bit, but on both occasions, it threw this error:

Error: Creation of the DTM failed. Examine your data, eliminate duplicate or vertically stacked datapoints or crossed contours and try again.

Which I did, and got the same message.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help.

Mike [Confused]

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Hi Robert.

It would appear that Architect does not like polylines from Illustrator. I smoothed up the lines in illustrator and simplified them too. Still this did not work. I grouped the classes as well and pasted them into a new document so that they would be on the same layer and in one class. Still no luck.

I tried as a pict and epsf too and still no luck.

I tried a test set of countours that I made up in Architect using the freehand line tool, and it worked fine, so I guess it must be some sort of illustrator thing or similar.

Oh well, guess I will have to draw it again. Hmph. [Razz]

Thanks anyway.

P.S. You're up early for work on a Saturday.

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