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Setting how a drawing centers on the Internal Origin



Hey all, 

This may be a weird one and I hope I can explain it well. I've attached a drawing of the theatre I'm working on with an "X" where I'd like the internal origin to be and where I'd like the drawing to center to when I tell it to center on the internal origin. As far as I can tell, the drawing centers to the internal origin at the center of the drawing itself, not to a random point, but I could also be wrong. I've spent too many hours trying to find an answer, and I have tried setting a user origin where I'd like it and telling the User and the internal to be the same, but it didn't seem to work. I've tried just manually putting it where I want it, but that hasn't proven to be exact enough for my boss. Basically, if there's anything to be done to set the drawing to center on the internal origin any point that doesn't seem to be the center of the drawing that would be awesome, and I hope this all made sense. Thank you all, you're all amazing and I hope to one day have the level of VW skill the rest of you do! 

Where the Drawing needs to center.jpg

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@AmandaM22 Unfortunately, the only way to get the internal origin back on track (in this case, the CL PL intersection), is to physically move everything.  The way I typically do it is to make sure that all classes and layers are turned on (create a saved view saving the layer and class visibilities first to quickly get back to your visibility settings), make sure your class and layer view options are set to Show/Snap/Modify, then do a Select All and click and drag your desired origin back to the Internal Origin.  Then use Tools - Origin - User Origin and click on the option "Set User Origin to Internal Origin."  One of the major bummers is that you will likely have to redo any viewport crops after doing this.


After needing to do this a couple of times, I've made it a point to never use a User Origin and to always have it match the Internal Origin, so any theaters that I draft I always make sure to put CL-PL on the Internal Origin when I start.  Unfortunately, it seems a lot of draftspeople don't do this, and to be fair, VW makes the Internal Origin thing more than a little opaque.  I can't remember if it's set on by default, but it's also why the very first thing I do on a fresh install of Vectorworks is to make sure the "Show Internal Origin Marker" preference is turned on in my display settings.

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@Jesse Cogswell Cool, that was kind of the feeling of the solution I was getting from the few different things I'd tried. I do agree with having the Internal Origin on at the start of a drawing though and I'll definitely give starting with the CL-PL on the Internal Origin a try. I feel like I may have tried it at one point in one of my drawings and it didn't go back to it if I tried to re-center the drawing when I got asked to re-center the drawing, but it's been a while so I could be wrong and I'll try that again. Thanks so much for your help!  

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On 5/20/2021 at 9:47 PM, Jesse Cogswell said:

(create a saved view saving the layer and class visibilities first to quickly get back to your visibility settings)

@Jesse Cogswell This is the step which makes (almost) everything better. So worthwhile. And yeah, the viewports thing can be a stinker.

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For the top/plan viewports, when you go from sheet layer to design layer via a vp, you can get vw to create a green outline of where the crop is on the DL. If you do this for each vp before moving everything it makes it easier to realign your vp crops back to where they were. All your vp annotations will need to be moved vp by vp unfortunately


For section vps, make sure there is a section line for each section vp on a DL. If the a section line is moved with the model then it’s vp should still be showing the same section after the move.

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