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Roof overhang


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I don't know if this will solve your exact problem, but you can "cut shapes" out of any roof just by drawing the shape. Here's how:

1. Select the roof of interest.

2. Choose the Organize|Enter Group command.

3. Draw the shape using any tool.

4. Exit the roof by clicking the "exit group" button at the UR corner of your drawing area.

5. The shape you just drew is gone from the roof.

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I tried that and the eave was still there. I couldn't get the cutout to line up exactly with the dormer (dormer disappears when you hit the edit group option.) The roof itself seems to have the cut-out but the eave remains. Should the cutout extend outside the eave line to make sure it is removed? This didn't seem to work either.

I also tried redoing the entire roof from a polygon with the clip surface tool from the original polygon used for the roof - this created a strange set of valleys and ridges.

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welshpe, you can give a roof plane any shape you want if you ungroup the roof (this breaks it into a series of roof planes, an operation which cannot be undone). Then, you edit the individual plane like you would an extrude. The only drawback is that if you want to change some configuration in your roof, you have to make the change to every plane individually. My projects always involve pretty complex roofs, so I almost always end up ungrouping my roofs after generating them from a polygon.

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