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Dimming just the components in styled walls?

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In enlarged views I don't want to show the wall materials, just the outlines. But, I cannot edit the classes in styled walls to show only the outlines, I can only hide the components if dimmed. Can I keep the black wall outlines and just dimm the components? Thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 10.08.47 AM.png

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Make the wall component classes invisible in the 'Viewport Class Properties' dialog, then the look of the wall will be controlled by the wall container class ('Wall-External' or whatever). Then use class overrides to change the pen/fill if desired.


The wall container class is specified in the 'Insertion Options' tab of the 'Edit Wall Style' dialog + in the 'Wall Attributes' dialog ('Definition' tab) you want to Make All Attributes By Class. 

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Check the container class the wall is assigned to here:



And make it so that all the attributes of the wall itself (i.e. when its components have been removed) are determined by the container class here:



Then in the viewport, when you turn off all the wall component classes you will just see the wall as determined by the attributes of the container class, which you can override in the viewport if you want to, to give the wall a different fill or pen thickness.

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