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Bulkhead tool issue

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I need some help with this is, its very frustrating...


I keep having the issue with this marionette, it should be very simple. The idea is a simple extrude along path created by a custom profile that you can amend. 

The issue is the first image where with some files once ive used the file and worked on it for a while it sometimes does not create the 3D model, showing 2D lines that i only want to see on plan. The second image is what happens when i bring this tool into a fresh project with next to nothing in the document. An easy modelled bulkhead that i can change the length and profile (The way its supposed to work).


Im stuck, i must be doing something wrong here. Or is this just a bug...





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The Object looks here as it should. So the crunchpoint will be, what is the difference between the attached file and the files you have issues with this object. I would check the following:
1. Distance to the drawing center (Vectorworks origin)
2. Model view on?
3. If you delete all other objects out of the model how your Marionette looks then

4. If the Object looks like the left picture. Will it look all right after refresh, reopen the file or copy paste on another layer or copy paste to the origin. Or does it not work at all so it cal be reproduced always or just after working a while?


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Thank you for the reply. So it looks like:;

1. Currently when i distribute it for other users in the company to utilise it sits within a symbol which we use for dedicated rooms. Since that uses the symbol insertion point. Now looking at it, this might be the main issue.

2. The model view is not normally on; as people bring this into their projects and amend on top plan the majority of the time.

3. Once brought into a project even after everything is deleted it remains the same.

4. If i refresh it does nothing.


- Additionally when the project is at a rotated view when set in real world coordinates it does the same thing from time to time. Not always.


However! when i simply bring it into the majority of projects it does work outside a symbol and can be amended easily after continued use. I think the main issue is the symbol but as mentioned above it does sometimes turn out like this when in rotated view when working in real world coordinates. (Georeferencing).

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