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ATTN: Robert A: Window & Door PIO difficulties

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Hi RA,

A couple of things have bugged me for quite some time:

1) When a Window or Door is inserted into a wall, if "has trim" is selected, the part of the wall that is between the trim takes on the attributes (fill color) of the wall. This is fine, unless you change the wall fill or, like in my case, use two different grays for existing and new walls, and want to make the PIO into a symbol which can be used in both types of walls.

2) Sometimes (and rather at random) a line will appear which connects the trim ACROSS the wall. Sometimes I can fix it by using "full break...." the OPPOSITE of it's intended setting. These erroneous lines are graphically absurd and cause grief for graphically-anal people (like me).

I think both of these problems might be solved by changing the PIO definition such that the SPACE OF THE WALL BETWEEN THE TRIM remains a PART OF THE WALL not a part of the PIO (as it seems to be now).

What do you think?


Peter Cipes, Mac OS 10.2.4 / VW's 10.1 (since MC 4)

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PR, Thanks for your support. I'm really waiting for someone from NNA (RA, are you there???) to log in on this subject. Sometimes I feel that unless you have an "out of control" fire to put out, or a very basic question, you can get seriously ignored (by NNA) on this board. So now I'll try to make my wheel squeak a bit louder...


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Robert: Thanks for your reply. I'm glad that you sent this issue along to the engineers. I would be more glad to have gotten some notice of your doing so.

I apologize if my comments seemed harsh. Yet that does not necessarily make them invalid.

Chad: I will explore the "implode loci" setting, thanks.


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Can't find any reference to "implode loci" in my version (VWA 10.1), or in any of the documentation. What version are you using?

Okay, found it in the old "Simple Window 2" insertion tool, and it does work as advertised! Solves both the wall color and 3D gap-at-narrow-trim problems. Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the new window and door insertion PIOs.

Correction: "implode loci" does not solve the 3D gap with the "Simple 2" tools because the gap does not exist, with or without "implode loci" checked. The gap occurs only with the new window and door PIO when exterior and interior trim are of different widths - there is a void around the window or door on the narrow-trim side of the wall.

[ 03-13-2003, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]

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