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Landscaping Area style turning GREY on Class OPT

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I am creating new landscaping area styles, but somehow the class OPT turning grey when I create it.... Can't change it's class.

however, If I imported Landscaping area styles from other drawing to my file and Edit in Resource Manager wouldn't appear this issue


can anyone tell me which step I went wrong, or where can I adjust this?


I've recored video showing this.

The video showing following actions I made:

1. I tried to create from un-styled Landscaping Area Tool.
when created a new plug-in  style, the class OPT turning GREY

2. I tried to edit style from imported landscaping area style (which of class OPT won't turn grey), and the class OPT turning GREY after I edit it.

3. I duplicate the imported Landscaping Area style in Resource Manager, and the class OPT still adjustable.




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So, after having those Landscape Area Style created then we could find them in our Resource Manager,

we could right click on the Landscape Area Style and Choose "Plug-in Object Style Options"
then we just need to click on the Arrow sign to make Class adjustable.



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