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Display Plant Image based on Conditional



I'm trying to display a plant database image based on the flowering season using the following

=IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), PLANTIMAGE(1), ' ')

This is not working.  I can test that =PLANTIMAGE(1) works on another column


Any ideas anybody?

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I am not certain that the wildcards (*) are working correctly. Try and use the exact string of the Blooms Begin field for one of the plants and see if you get the correct results.


Another test. Add another column with a formula of just ='Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'. Add a second column with a formula of  =C3='*spring*' and see if you get a return value of True or false.


Could it be a capitalization problem that could be solved by ='*pring*' to ignore the capitalization of the S?


Post a file with a few plants and your worksheet and I will take a look.

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Posted (edited)


Thanks for your reply.  I get the desired results with the wildcards, meaning I get a 'true' in the cell when using..

=IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), 'true', 'false')

and the data contain Spring and Winter


When I use the following - all I get is a blank cell with no error

=IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), PLANTIMAGE(2), 'false')


I thought I would try and tackle a Python script to fix this but although I'm versed in Python the VS reference is pretty dense.  I can't even find a reasonable way to debug within vectorworks to output print() statements to see what anything is doing.

plant worksheet.vwx

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 8.48.44 PM.png

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It appears that what you want is not achievable with the basic worksheet.


I think the issue is that the IF function does not support an Image as an output, but I am not certain.


It would probably be possible to generate what you want with a Worksheet Script, but I don't have time this week to play with that option.




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