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Colour Blind Function

Jim Smith


I have a friend & sometimes client who's colour blind. Years ago I was working with his firm on some models for a public meeting & I kept asking what the large pink thing was & should I get rid of it. Pressed for time he groused "Never mind that, just get the images to the service bureau !" & I shrugged & had everything ordered. My pal was embarrassed by the number one question at the public meeting was "What's that big Pink Thing?". The big pink thing was a mistake someone had made early in the project & that his colour blindness did not allow him to see.


Lately I've been working on a heritage project and the chair of the heritage group is also colour blind & has asked me to assist him in deciphering some planning & land use documents their committee receive from other consultants & government agencies because the nuance in colour changes are not visible to him. We who work with graphics & colour to communicate often don't recognize this disadvantage & that our work might not be totally understood by some people. 


My suggestion for VW is for two ideas that could help when users are preparing documents for public review: 

1) The relatively easy one is to offer a "Colour Blind Palette" that users could choose when preparing presentations documents so all viewers may see contrast when that's required so users could choose to use these colours

2) The more difficult, but more interesting suggestion would be a "Colour Blind Filter" that one could employ to give normal sighted the ability to quickly review their output to ensure the "Giant Pink Thing" is visible to everyone who'd like to know what the heck that thing is

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2 minutes ago, Matt Panzer said:

Interesting idea!  I wonder...  could a DataVis be created for this?


To answer my own question:  Maybe not in its current state.  We would need the ability to choose ranges of color hues and maybe other color settings.

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I think yes,


I know of red/green blindness (Traffic Lights !)

And I remember from colour tests all kind of tests of similar contrast

images with letters in all kind of colours from spectrum.


And I am sure that there are eyes that have no colour recognition at all

and just see gray values only.

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