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WISH LIST: Quick Search for the Planting Tool

Andrew Hovey


This is a proposed change to the planting tool to make it faster. I feel like it takes too long and is always too confusing between the styles and the replacing styles, and the number of steps/clicks to finally select the plant you have in mind and move on to the next one. What if I have a planting of 50+ different plants? Is the way around this (other than the illustrated idea in the PDF) is to create a template file with common plants I use, or can they show up in the Resource Manager? 


Additionally, if I had a spread sheet or text file with the list of plants for a design, how could that be imported and evaluated to produce one instance of each plant in the list? From there I could copy and paste, eyedropper tool... 


Hoping the illustration gets the idea across!






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@Andrew Hovey, thank you for your suggestions in the Roadmap. We're looking at some plant improvements right now and will also look at import of data to the plant tool. As response to your question above - yes, creating a library of the plants you want to work with is the most effective way to work in Landmark. This ensures you that you have the plants set up exactly as you'd like them, and you can then just go in and pick the plant you want, no extra energy required to 'create' the plant again.

If you're working on your own, and only have one computer, then use the User library for collecting the plants. If you're working in a studio with several people who should use the same plants, then I recommend a Workgroup library.


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