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Fit to Objects bug


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If you have 2 or more layers at different scales, select an object on 1 layer (on a drawing with a variey of info - not just that 1 object). With that object selected, switch layers, and the object's selection points disappear - ok so far...... Now, move around the drawing to work in another area, and then hit the Fit to Objects button. Instead of showing the extent of all objects, it returns to the object selected on the original layer. ??

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Handles do not indicate selection so much as editability, which is usually but not always the same thing.

The distinction here is between "selected" objects (which do not necessarily show their handles in the current state of the program) and "editable" objects, i.e. objects on editable layers* (which display handles with four different appearances:

-solid black handles: Editable objects on the active layer;

-grayed handles: Locked objects on the active layer;

-open black handles: Editable objects on other editable layers; and

-open gray handles: Locked objects on other editable layers.

(*Editable layers are layers in the same scale and orientation as the active layer. Show/Snap/Modify Others must be the layer mode.)

So the "Fit to selected" issue here is potentially a feature as much as a bug. It's one way to get a sense of the extent of what is selected.

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Fit to Objects will fit to all objects in the drawing when nothing is selected.

When an object is selected however, Fit to Objects button will fit the selected objects to the application window.

That sounds like what is happening with you. I didn't see that you deselected the object from the previous layer.

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Yes, Fit to Objects will take you to the extents of any/all objects selected....

When layers are switched, the selected object now appears to be de-selected; i.e., it is no longer highlighted with it's selection points. Who's to know the program still thinks it is selected? Now you're moving around the other layer (not have selected any new object), and hitting "x" as many times as you like - the previous object is still selected.

Solution - When switching layers of different scales, objects selected should be deselected by default.

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If an object is selected, there is probably a good reason it was selected.

THe only way to deselect an object is to do just that - deselect it.

I can see where this wish would cause problems with many users.

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Ok, then that selected object should retain the charachter of a selected object, with the highlights indicated. But, the difficulty with that, is now you are on a different layer, with a different scale, and can not edit or deslect the object.....

Once in the different layer, new objects can be made/edited, but the program still remembers that previosly selected object, and considers that object during the fit to objects function.

This is not necessarily a Fit to Objects bug, but fit to objects is when it is most noticeable.....I sense we are not communicating...

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