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Solve this without custom Node


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I am close before using a custom node and I thought, this time I ask before I create a new custom node 🙂
I have two corresponding data flows in two wires.  I want to add items of the second wire by counting the  items in first wire.

'obj1', 'obj1', 'obj2', 'obj3', 'obj3', 'obj3', 'obj3'

second wire is:

'str1', 'str2', 'str3', 'str4', 'str5', 'str6', 'str7' 

Somebody knows how to concatenate the strings of the second wire corresponding to the count of the items in wire 1?

'str1str2', 'str3', 'str4str5str6str7'

In a second scenario, I have already grouped the second wire in lists of the lenght of counts of the items in wire1

'obj1', 'obj2', 'obj3' 
['str1', 'str2'], ['str3'], ['str4', 'str5', 'str6', 'str7'] 


I repead: It is no problem to solve that with python, but with standard nodes I need an idea.


Add List of Strings.vwx

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  • Marionette Maven
On 6/15/2021 at 10:45 AM, Antonio Landsberger said:

@Marissa Farrell

How easy do you think would it be to modify the Chunk List Node in such a way, that it could take a list instead of a single number?

If the chunk list has less items than necessary to chunk the other list, repeate the chunk list from the first item.


I don't think it would be too hard. I'll take a stab at it once I have some free time.

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