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Questions about adjusting truss in 3D

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First, I'm not the greatest working in 3D, so I have a questions: Is this a bug or me?


When I have a truss selected, adjusting its length from the handle will also rotate it... 


I noticed that when I uncheck "Show 3D Detail", the problem doesn't occur.


I've added a GIF to show, I'm sorry about the resolution... 


You can see, that:

- first I shorten the truss

- it rotates.

- I undo

- Check off "Show 3D Detail"

- Adjust and its fine.


Adjusting Working Plane, Holding Shift, etc doesn't fix the issue.


So, is this a bug or me...

CleanShot 2021-05-13 at 10.22.30.gif

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I believe what's happening is that you're actually doing two things when you're adjusting via grabbing the point on the truss in order to adjust the length.
1. you're grabbing the point. that's fine. This point is located at the bottom of the truss, at the zero plane.

2. you're dragging it to change the length, also fine.

3. when you reach the shorter length location and click/release to set the new length, what's happening is that you've 'snapped' to a point on the top (+12") of the "3d Detail". Thus, you've changed  both the length -and- Z-height location of the point you moved. 
When you turn off the 3D Detail, you're hiding that top Z height point to which you were snapping to. Thus, the truss stays flat on the floor.


If you -edit- the length in the OIP, you shouldn't have the issue.

If you edit the length in an iso view, you also shouldn't have the issue. Though this method can bring about other interesting results.

If you turn off snaps, you also shouldn't have the issue.


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