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3D Trees

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I feel like I am missing something really obvious but can't work out how to draw 3D trees with 2D appearance for both the plan view and the elevation view. We don't have Landscape so the 'Existing Tree' tool doesn't work for us. We don't need the complexity of the 'Existing Tree' tool for setting up architectural drawings - but we do not a simplified equivalent of it that links the 2D and 3D for this


The 3D aspect of the object can be really simple (thinking lollipop tree) to keep file size down but is needed for locating the tree in the correct place on the site. Then graphically we want to set the appearance in both plan and elevation. We tried using the VBvisual Plant but the elevation view on this is not nice or editable.


Don't mind if the object isn't resizable as the standard symbol scaling would be enough for setting up drawings with.

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