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Section viewports-annotating heights and elevations

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Hi, i have what i believe must have a very simple answer as is seems like such a basic function, but after hours of googling and searching the forums, i cant find nothin'!😬apologies for being an idiot: im not even sure if i have the correct terminology?


i create a section viewport and i would like to annotate it. i would like to use a tool and click on a point and it give me the elevation/height automatically eg


is there something basic  im missing or is this a time where its actually a little more involved than one might have thought. as a secondary thought i would also be good to label the materials autmatically.


Any help welcome; advice or a link to a tutorial video or similar 🙂


ive also uploaded the file so you can see what ive acheived so far!




210511_hardscape test.vwx

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Hi, thank you for your input, but i feel like i am missing somthing (im faily new and only get a chance to learn this program sporadically)


It seems to me that the elevation benchmark tool is fairly passive. if i move one of your  elevation benchmarks, the elevation stays the same the only way to alter it is to mess with the settings/objectinfo. What i would like to do is be able to place, copy and move these labels so that the real world eleveation int the section changes with it.


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OK: thank you both for your help, i now have the answer why it wouldnt work, which ill put here for future generations! 🙂

the main reason i couldnt get it to work was becouse id overlooked two important settings:

1-Section view port needs to be set  in orthagonal projection


2-The elevation benchmark itself should have elevtaion display set to "Y value relative to reference elevation" 



its a learning process every day! 🙂


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