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Section Lines have shifted, Viewport views have stayed the same.


I was working on a detail sheet today when I noticed that all the section lines in my Plan View viewport have shifted.

Here is a screen grab:


High lighter shows which viewport is linked to which section line.


  • Section line '4' has shifted down and to the right
  • Section lines '2','3',and '4'  up to the left
  • And '1' has also rotated 15deg.)


The odd thing is if I move them back to where they are supposed to be - the Linked viewports change and don't represent the view as it would be from the section line.

If I leave the sections lines where they have shifted everything looks good in the linked viewports, but then I no longer have the section lines in my plan view.


Any ideas how I should proceed?


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@axhake Thanks for this.


I just:

  • I copied the Plan viewport and pasted it into a new sheet.
  • I named it TEST PLAN VIEW
  • The imported section lines where still in the same (Wrong) position...
  • I then disconnected the original section viewports from the TEST PLAN VIEW in the "section line instances" menu.
  • I then copied all the section viewports and pasted the onto the new sheet.
  • I then activated the newly copied section viewports in the "section line instances" menu.

It all looks good now on this new sheet - section lines are in the correct place and seem to be interacting properly with the new section viewports.



I will now have to go through and connected all my keynotes to a new keynote legend and check that all the annotations are still good....

This 'hiccup' is really adding some frustration/hours to the project.



If anyone at VW is reading - please - I don't know - make it just work?



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what you could also try is instead of copy/past into a new sheet is:


1. Select the viewport and in the OIP at the top reassign it to another sheet


2. Check and see if the section lines are in the correct place.

3. Update the viewport and again see if the section lines are in the correct position.

4. Switch back to the original sheet and update the viewports on this sheet.

5. Switch back to the new sheet and select the view port and in the OIP move it back to the original sheet.

6. Update all view ports


If all is OK you should not have to re do your keynote legend etc.

I have had some problems in the past where things didn't look right after some time and tried this and it fixed the issues.


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It just did it again!

When I turned on my newly copied and fixed sheet layer this morning, all the fixed section lines have moved again!




And now it's doing it in another sheet layer too!

Different viewport, different section line.




Hey VW official, what is going on?


Please let me know how to fix this.

I can't redraw everything EVERY day



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@Pat Stanford  and @Matt Panzer I'll send it in.


And Pat, yes, I'm the only one.


This was one of the first files I migrated from AutoCAD and I've have many odd issues with it.

Landscape areas offset by 10s of feet in both x,y and z axis, plant objects dropping randomly to the 0 z axis, 

I'm sure I have done many things in ways not optimized for VW.


For now I've just made 'un-smart' section lines for print and have left the crazy offset section lines where they want to be.

Hopefully Tech can figure out if I've got something set wrong.



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I had this problem occur for me when section line/marker styles were introduced with VW 2021. Sections would display as if no issue but the marker/line locations were all over the place and if you tried to manually reposition them it would mess up all the annotation positions.


Solution I found was to:

Go to your sheet and select your section viewport. While selected go to the OIP > Section Line Instances and untick all of your viewports that are active. (If you've not renamed your viewports from the default generated names take a note of which ones they were turned on for or rename your viewports at this point so you can easily turn them back on for the correct drawings)


Then just simply go back in to the section line instances in the OIP again and turn them back on for the viewports you want them to show in and they should now display in the correct position.

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Just now, hollister design Studio said:



I sent the file in to tech but I will try this if it happens again.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one!



Absolutely. Vectorworks need to sort this from happening in the first place, or at least push out a solution quickly, rather than leaving it up to the users to find a workaround or go through an onerous process to fix something we shouldn't need to be fixing that eats up a chunk of the limited hours we have in the day to do our jobs.

We also can't sit and twiddle our thumbs while they analyse our files.


My biggest concern with Vectorworks from my experience is that I simply can't trust that work i've done days or weeks before is still going to be the same the next time I look at it. It adds hours of checking and rechecking on to my time.

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1 minute ago, DuncanR said:

...My biggest concern with Vectorworks from my experience is that I simply can't trust that work i've done days or weeks before is still going to be the same the next time I look at it...

I'm just learning this fear!


I sent a whole bid set out to print and had to call everyone and issue a revision.

...that just does not inspire confidence with the clients.

Now I check every time I issue just to see if I can catch any changes.





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