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Hi everybody,

after some trial and error id like to show everyone what i think is the best method to convert to DWG for when sending out to conultants

if anyone has any info that could make this better please share! we can all help eachother


so go to your model layer and make sure its on top/plan.. for example the layer with your first floor

then go to FILE>Export>ExportDXF/DWG

you get the pop up of options

follow these settings

File Format

Format: DWG

Version: 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017


Class / Layer Conversions

Export as DXF/DWG Layers : Classes

Invisible Classes are: Not Exported

leave the box for "export single layer for classes with same name" unchecked

leave the box for "export layers as seperate files" unchecked


Sheets to include

Export: Design Layers Only



leave the box for "export design layer viewports as seperate files" unchecked



the only box that should be checked should be the "export as flattened 2d graphics"


text and dimensions

the only box that should be checked is "preserve SIA dimensions text appearance "


2d fills and files

only check these boxes, "export hatches" "export hatch pattern files" "export hatches and 2d fills into seperate dxf/dwg layers"



both boxes should be checked 


no boxes should be checked in symbols and groups or line types


line weights and colors

only check the box for "use dxf/dwg indexed colors"


you will have to do this for each floor seperatley 


once the file is in CAD you will need to do few cleans up listed below

-explode everything as much as you can (because when a consultant copies your plan to there file an unexploded plan will not work)

-clean up hatches (because we are doing hatches in sepereate layers you can easily just freeze it)

do a final review of your lines and such and then thats it

you are done 


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