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Worksheet Summary Issue

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I have a worksheet in a document to count up fencing requirements for a festival site.

I have done a line type for each type of fencing, and created a record so I can easily give the lines a name to relate to the area

Column A gives me the length of each line, rounded up to the nearest metre. Column B works out the number of Panels, and Column C shows the areas (which is achieved by going the information from the record. This is shown in the first image



When I try to Summarize the area's in that column so I don't have so many rows that essentially repeat the same area name, I lose a load of information as shown in the second image.




What am I doing wrong?



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When you SUMmarize multiple sub-rows in a database and they have different values you get the --- to indicate they are not all the same.


As Tom W. said, you want to click in the column header (if you don't see the header row [i.e. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.] go to the worksheet View menu and make sure there is a check next to Database Headers) and make sure the Sum Values box is checked. When it is, the SUMmarized row will show the total value of all the SUMmarized rows.


Be careful trying to do math on SUMmarized rows. While we would often like to do the math on the SUM, VW actually does the math on the individual sub-rows and then SUM the result of the calculations.

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