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wall cavity lines on different classes?


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The cavities are not individual objects. They are a part of the wall object. A single object can be assigned to a class, but the components of that object cannot be.

Can I ask why you want to do this ?

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There are a few instances where it might be handy. For example, we dimension to the face of the stud for construction drawings, but when placing furniture or fixtures, it would be useful to be able to turn on a gypboard class to see something closer to actual wall thickness. Also, in an existing building we are furring out some existing masonry walls. The furring cannot show up in the demo drawings, so right now it is a separate wall. However, this makes it awkward to insert door symbols, as we have to trim the furring wall separately.

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Ahh .. I understand.

Well come to find out, I didn't give you totally accurate information.

In Architect 10.1, there is a new Document Preference called "Hide Wall Cavities When Layer Scale <= [a scale number]".

Basically you can set up elevations or a layer link or something that has a different scale than the one you want to show the cavities for.

You can checkmark this option and specify the layer scale at which you do not want layer cavities to be shown. When you go to the layers with that scale, walls will not show cavities.

That might be an alternate way of approaching the situation.

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It would a great help to be able to put the wall cavities in a different class.

There are many plan drawings in an architectural set where it is inappropriate to show the wall cavities/detail. Typically, an architect will have the wall cavities displayed on the architectural plans, but hidden on structural, mechanical, electrical plans (among others).

This feature should be added. It is one of the reasons we do not currently use the wall tools in our office.

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You too could take advantage of the new option in Doc Prefs in VW 10.1.

Esentially when this item is checkmarked, all layers with a specific scale won't show cavities.

You could turn it on and off as needed.

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