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Can't name PDFs in VW2021

Tom W.


I have only been on VW2021 for a week or two + have used 'Publish...' command for first time just now + found I can't use any of the naming schemes: whatever I choose the PDFs are always named 'Sheet#SheetTitle', whether I use one of the predefined VW ones or my own custom ones. I had to export the file to VW2020 in order to publish the PDFs there using my normal naming scheme...


I haven't noticed any posts about this happening so wondering what's going on?

I'm pretty sure it's nothing I'm doing as it works in VW2020 just not in VW2021...


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Thanks @michaelk which check box do you mean? 'Apply naming scheme to PDF page labels'? I can't get to computer right now to check but I am publishing 3 sheet layers as separate PDFs + normally I'd just select a naming scheme - one of VW's predefined ones or my own custom one - and off we go. But now no matter what option I choose it defaults to 'Sheet#SheetTitle'. I can't find any way of having my PDFs named anything other than this format. I assumed 'Apply naming scheme to PDF page labels' was to do with internal naming within a multi-page PDF rather than the file names of individual PDFs...

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As per my PM I have just realised that if each field in the naming scheme formula is enclosed in '{ }' style brackets the naming will be correctly applied to the PDFs.


So even the predefined VW naming schemes I have to save as custom names with the brackets inserted in order to make them work.

Is no-one else experiencing this?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @Tom W.,


Thanks for the feedback! This is a known issue that should be fixed in the next service pack. As you have found out yourself, there is a workaround by adding of brackets to the formula or by manually creating your formula using the "Insert Field" popup.


Sorry for the inconvenience!

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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