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3D view of lighting fixture is incorrect...?

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Make sure that the symbol has the "Parts" record attached.  This determines which pieces of geometry are the Base (in this case, the clamp), the Yolk, and the Body.  If the record is not attached, follow the instructions below.

  1. Edit the 3D component of the symbol
  2. Select the C-clamp
  3. Click on the Data tab in the Object Info Palette
  4. Click the Attach Record button
  5. Find the Parts record and double-click it.  If this is not in your drawing, import any lighting device symbol form the VW library into your drawing.
  6. Below the Records box, there should be at least three check boxes, one for Base, one for Yolk, and one for Body.  For the clamp, select Base.
  7. Follow steps 2-6 with the yolk, but select Yolk instead of Base.
  8. Follow steps 2-6 with the body of the fixture, selecting Body.  Note that this needs to be a single object, so if the body is made up of multiple objects, you will need to group them before attaching the record.  Also ensure that the body is pointing straight down.
  9. Ensure that there is a 3D locus point at the pivot point of the body.  This is where VW will have the body pivot in the yolk, and will serve as the point of origin for the beam when Draw Beam is selected.  Looking at your image, I'm pretty sure that this 3D locus is properly placed.  This locus should not be placed in the body group.

If the Parts are properly attached, then shoot us a copy of your file and we'll see what we can find.  You can also try importing in new versions of the symbols from the VW library.


Also, what version of VW are you using?  VW2021 made some pretty substantial changes to Lighting Device objects, so there's a chance that the symbol you are using is out of date, but as long as the parts are still set, you should be seeing the fixture orient properly.

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