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Runtime Error / Attributes Pallet

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Sometimes (not all times..this is strikingly erratic): I click on ?solid fill color? box in the attributes palette. I promptly get a runtime error (multiple runtime error dialogues) and crash. This has occurred most often in one particular file, but now in others as well; it has occurred once in the template I use most often (and for the file where this became evident); so far I don?t think it has ever occurred in a clean / bare file.

I?ve discussed w/ NNA tech support.

Suggestion 1: Perhaps a conflict with video card driver. I installed the latest driver. No change. Still intermittent crash as described

Suggestion 2: Cut/Paste drawing info into a new file. I haven?t done this yet, and now I've experienced the runtime error in other files as well, though based on the same template.

I've submitted this to bugsubmit also.


- Carl Burns

System: VW10.0.1, Win XP, Dell Pentium 4, 512 Megs RAM, Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX400 w/ driver v. (date: 9.27.02)

[ 02-03-2003, 10:04 AM: Message edited by: Carl Burns ]

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This should be addressed in the next VW update.

The problem is with a change in the attributes palette we made to make it more compatible with carbon lib.

Of course, that fixed one problem and created another.

The problem is only when you have two files open.

If you only have one file open, you shouldn't get the crash when going to the attributes palette. If you do, then it's video driver related.

Please be patient until the next update is available. Until then, I advise leaving only one file open while working in VW to avoid the c++ run time error.

Oh yeah.. Mac user's -- this fix will not affect compatibility or break the attributes palette for you.

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