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Lock down the palettes in VW


The 'rearrange palette feature' is the worst mistake by VW decision-makers in the 3 decades, I have used this software


I would like the feature to disappear, but I guess that is not going to happen.


So can I please have a button to lock down the palettes in any configuration?


I am willing to pay extra for this, because I waste hours every week trying to locate fragments of a palettes, that have been accidentally torn off.


Can anyone provide a fix?


Any third party programmer?

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I am going to bump this.


I do not think Vectorworks developers have a clear idea about how fast full-time users like myself actually draw.


It is not: "Hmm - now I am going to use this tool to perform that task..."


The reality is: "Clicketyclickclickclick clicclickyty clickclickelick clickclicketyclick" In a very, very brisk pace.


As a result, fragments of palettes are constantly being torn off left and right, because not all clicks fall at the exact, intended location.


So every few minutes I have to relocate pieces of palettes and re-attach them in their proper position.


Do anyone working at Vectorworks comprehend how desperately frustrating this is?


Will anyone tell them, so I can get a fix?



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doesn't solve your problem, but making a custom workspace with all the repeating tools you use across the top (or preferred location) has been a great help to me.

Also custom right & left click commands and custom hot keys way to go! 


I'm only clicketyclick speed though......!!!

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 09.24.58.jpg

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Another alternative would be the ability to restore palette positions to a saved layout.  I've never really understand what the "Save Palette Positions" command actually accomplishes, since there's no complimentary "Restore Palette Positions" command.

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Normally palette positions are saved when you successfully Quit VW.  If you use Save Palette Positions, that data is written to the preferences immediately. That way if you have a crash, the palettes will reopen in the correct positions.


Not worth a whole lot, but better than nothing.

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Posted (edited)

@Pat Stanford That makes more sense - currently the saved palettes are saved as a preference that is unrelated to the permanent layout of the Workspace.  The bit I don't understand is the notification after saving palette positions that it is being saved to the Workspace.   It looks like this is not the case, though it would be much more useful.


Save Palette Positions Notice.png

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It is extremely frustrating working pallets are not locked into place. The font and icons are so small that is it very easy to catch a tab with your mouse and disrupting your pallets setup. I spend more time in a day re-setting up my workspace, finding where tabs are. I'm on a mac, using duel screens and have been a VW user for over 15 years. I'm not sure why this is such a problem now. It never use to be and is really making working really inefficient. I would love an option to lock them in place.

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