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change hatch/fill for loudspeaker dispersion

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Hi all,

I'm new to spotlight so forgive me if this is a simple question.


How can I change the appearance of the dispersion range?

I'd like to change the hatch pattern for starters.


Will this change be applied to all speakers in my drawing or do I need to apply it separately to multiple same or different types.






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1 hour ago, Ross McLee said:

That's the bit I couldn't do, where in the symbol would I find the hatch, defined?


1)  Make sure you have 1 or more Speaker/AudioBox 2 objects placed with 1 or more of the Dispersion Ranges toggled on.


2)  Open the Resource Manager and, in the Resources Pop-Up, select Hatches.  You'll see 1 or more Hatch definitions in the right-hand R.M. window.


3)  Right-click on 1 of the 3 Hatches w. a name beginning with "vsAudioZone..." and select "Edit" in the menu that appears.


4)  Edit the Hatch as-desired (remembering not to change the name) and click "OK."


The updated Hatch definition will be used throughout your model.


If you make a mistake or don't like the results, returning to the default Hatch is as simple as deleting the definition, selecting the Speaker/AudioBox 2 objects, and clicking "Update" in the OIP.  The default Hatch will be re-generated and applied.


Here is a video I found when I Googled "Vectorworks Create Hatch:"  


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And this is where my understanding of VW (from my AutoCAD transition) becomes a little clearer. Hatches are a resource and attached/associated with objects of course! I didn't even think to look in resource manager for hatches, I was looking for a reference within the symbol definition itself.


One last thing, (in my case I don't have any hatches in use at the moment but in the future ....) how would I know to edit "vsAudioZone", where is that stated?


Thank you again @C. Andrew Dunning.


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10 hours ago, Ross McLee said:

One last thing, (in my case I don't have any hatches in use at the moment but in the future ....) how would I know to edit "vsAudioZone", where is that stated?


A good question.  I checked the manual for the Landru Design version of the tools (which is a little more detailed than the Spotlight version) and, while it does mention hatches being applied, it doesn't mention them by-name.  Nor does it say anything about the hatches being created on-the-fly.  I'll admit to making the assumption (good or bad) that users generally understand that that is what is going on and how hatches are considered "Resources."  Clearly, I need to reconsider my assumption...


FWIW, the NYC Entertainment Users' Group's focus on Monday will be the audio tools (and, time-allowing, updates to SoftGoods 2).  Go here for more info:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-york-city-vectorworks-entertainment-online-user-group-meeting-tickets-153707454133?_hsmi=125396255&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9JporpgwMSHp-E7wK-cwIbQhu0CpY7qpCU-I-twnwYnzZvheoroM4BIYrQgS5l-aqq2M0n_e4kOOFS5pYPlulzd31BLA&fbclid=IwAR35S5FjNxLGfuhtT8Ey1zs--PA8s617EAw54T2-Nnc8h13rUgkc-j9FabM


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