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Eggshell Paint Finish

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Hello friends,


Forgive the basic question, but does anyone have a quick RW formula for an eggshell (or semi-gloss) paint texture? I'm looking for a bit more depth than a basic color texture, and was wondering if there was an easy way to up the reflectivity a bit.



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B - the slight bump as indicated above is good - will make it feel more like drywall or plaster then a perfectly smooth wall.  To get the sheen thought, you probably want to change REFLECTIVITY to Mirror and then hit the EDIT button.  Take reflection way down - like 5-10% and then play with the blurriness.  Best to experiment on this shader in a separate  file to keep your overhead low while testing.  Note - the blurry reflections can slow down render times dramatically, so watch that and make sure it's worth it visually.



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As @EAlexander says, make sure it's worth it in terms of render time.  Also make sure that your dpi setting is set to actually capture the subtle quality you are going for.  Blurriness and roughness will just look like noise if you don't have enough pixels (and subpixels) to actually blur.

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