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Hardscape only show as wire frame in 3D view

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I am trying to produce a 3D model of my 2D plan.  I have decided to take the 2D polygon hatch areas and turn these into Hardscapes.  This has worked, but when I look at them in flyover mode they are only in wire frame, not solid.  I only want them as white blocks.  I think it has something to do with what class they are in, but I am completely confused.... I changed the Site-DTM-Modifier class to a white fill and then they all come in as black.  Which I don't want, I want them in white.

Thank You  

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@StatonCohen Your hardscape's component is not set up properly.   You have told it specifically to render with nothing.  If you make the component's fill and texture "by class" you can then control the look of the object by changing the class behavior as you desire by simply placing that hardscape on a class.  Alternatively, you could do it explicitly in the component, but I find that to be less useful than "by class".


I don't know which version of VWX you are using, but I attached a v2019 file for your to look at where I modified one of your hardscapes.  I changed that hardscape's slab style to be "byclass" and placed the component on a class called "00-Paving Surface".  You can then change that classes graphic behavior to suite your needs.


Here's what YOUR setting for the hardscape slab in the file you posted looked like.  If you click the "make all attributes by class" in this case, the hardscape will find it's settings from whatever class you place the hardscape on.  If it's a simple hardscape with just one component, you can get away with placing the hardscape on a desired class and be done.  However, when you dive into more complex slabs that have multiple components, assigning each component to a specific class starts to make more sense for graphic control, which is what I did in the example I posted.



Here's the hardscape I changed.


150-LondonSquare v2019.vwx

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Thanks for helping out!  But I cannot find the window you have shown.  I can open a window called Hardscape Object settings.  Or Slab components.  But neither of them look like the window you have open.  I have tried changing set all setting 'make all attributes by class' in the attributes drop down list, but that doesn't seem to work either.  Maybe it's because I am on an older version of Vectorworks?  V2019 at the moment.  I want to buy a new laptop before I upgrade!

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 19.17.44.png

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 19.17.11.png

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@StatonCohen you almost got there, you just need to select the component in the "Slab Components" window and hit the edit button to get to the screen I showed.  I would recommend reviewing some tutorials on constructing hardscapes and getting very familiar with this process if you intend on doing a lot of it.  A really good one on Vectorworks University "Hardscape Components" is less than 3 minutes and will tell show you most of what you need to know.


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