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Symbol truss not visible in GL

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I made a drawing in VW201.

In Top/plan -2D plan I see the truss corner FD44-X (fig1), when I then switch to 3D Gl the FD44-X is not visible (fig2).

When I select the FD44 with my mouse, it is there (fig3) Also if i simplified the truss. (fig4)

All truss is in the same layer / class.


Does anyone know how to fix this?








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What helped for me in some cases, not al unfortunately. 

was to go into the edit  3d components of the truss symbol. And to move the geometry there for instance 1mm in 3D. This would force the geometry to appear again in OpenGL. Then I edited 3D again and moved the geometry back 1mm again. 

hopefully this helps a little bit as a temporary workaround. 

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Does the truss corner have appropriate materials and object attributes? I have found a few objects from the resource manager that are missing render textures and cause this to happen!

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No does not help...

Now I also have it by a circle (fig5) as i go to class and simplified on than i see them (fig6) but nog in GL.


@isyme were can find this? 

I do not see any difference between the FD44-300 (fig7) and FD44-X (fig8).





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NO not at all, the truss will only appear when it is at a 0 deg (horiz) hanging angle, anything else and it disappears in both openGL and hidden line renderings, i had to export it back to 2020 and then reimport the symbols from the 2020 library they it finally showed up. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

OK, thats weird can you let me know the symbol name in the library and I will check it out.


Is it a symbol you imported/created or is it a symbol from the Vectorworks library?


It is unlikely that your issue is being caused by the VGM problem but simply that you are missing the geometry. Do you have a file you can post?

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