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DATA TAG - tagging objects with custom record format in HL render viewport (3d view)





Am I missing something obvious... when trying to data tag objects (with record format attached) on annotation layer of viewport with 3D view I see highlighted eligible objects absolutely off rendered ones. You can see in background all three posts and other parts of structure scaled down and forming some kind of different view...

My viewport use hidden line renderer and is up to date.


Any clue?

Snímka obrazovky 2021-05-02 o 23.49.14.png

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This might be a symptom of 'far out objects.' But before you establish that I suggest you do an acid test to see if this problem is particular to your file/files, like so: 

  1. Quit Vectorworks, then reopen after 10 seconds. 
  2. Go: File > New… > 'Create blank document' 
  3. Create a new object to test.
  4. Set it up with the same/necessary parameters to use Data Tags. 
  5. Create your Sheet Layer Viewport in perspective and test it. 
  6. Share your results here. 

If the problem doesn't occur, check for 'far out objects.' 

If the problem occurs, then it's a bug. Use the link at the bottom of this page to submit it. 

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Thanks @Jeremy Bestfor looking i


I have followed your instructions. New file with only 4 columns (structural member) in it.



and viewport with perspective view (normal) and screenshots taken while attempting to tag objets in annotation space:




I have checked position of user origin and it is the same as internal origin in both files.


So I guess bug need to be submitted. My first one...




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