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where do I find the Vectorworks Crash-Dump-Files???



VW 2021 SP3 crash's quite often on more of our machines...

I already tried to exclude some reasons (I can't change the graphics driver on a mac that easily, however I keep our machines quite up to date...

My MB Pro 16" 2019 - macOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Updatet for the last time - yesterday

iMac 27" 2015, 2017 with actual macOS 10.14...


could still be sth in the project file, however not sure...

(I already changed the setting to "send all crash data (or sth like this) as you can see in the attached screenshot, unfortunately german Vectorworks, however the dropdown-menu location is the same like in an english vwx-version)



Where do I find all VW Crash dump-files?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-03 um 14.28.23.png

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Crash Dump Files and crash txt are Windows things.

(Sometimes they appear directly in your Windows User Folder,

(crash txt which gets overwritten by the next crash - or not)

sometimes in your Project Folder beside your File. AFAIK there

should be also a special Folder which I didn't had. And often

there aren't any of such files created)


Usually on Mac you found your Crashlogs in Console.app in


But since Big Sur it is no more that easy to find them. There

are no Crashlogs and Hanglogs.

Search for your specific App name if applicable.


When participating Apples Open Beta it is mandatory to activate

"send data to Apple" but macOS asks anyway if you want to send

the crashlog after an App crash.

I think there is a new extra Setting since Big Sur, that Apple is allowed

to submit such logs to App Developers - which I activated also

(As I always thought Apple would directly bomb the App Developers with

my Crashlogs already. Would be a waste if Developers could not see them)

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