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In Vision 2021, What's the best console software for mac? (both same comp and multi comp)

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Hi to all members.

For two days i was trying to connect grand ma3 to vision. But i couldn't. Because i have no physical wiz-key. So i need a new console software. I'm using mac and i want to control it same comp. Let's be together, everyone share the knowledge & experience. We can help each other.


I'm waiting your answer and i want to here is sharing area.


Best Regards. 🙂

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That can be tricky on Mac.  ETC Eos (https://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Consoles/Eos-Family/) is what I use and there is a Mac version, but you will need a Nomad dongle or physical console to get the software to output to Vision, so unless you have one of those things, it probably won't help much.


Chamsys MagicQ also has a Mac software (https://chamsyslighting.com/pages/magicq-downloads).  I've never used it so I don't know if you can get ArtNet or sACN output to Vision without having physical hardware, but it's worth a shot.


Otherwise, there's Obsidian Onyx (https://support.obsidiancontrol.com/Content/Support/Downloads.htm) which I know can output sACN with the free software, but only appears to have a PC version.


I'm afraid that you might not find too many users of Vision on the forums.  Of the major previsualization softwares, Vision tends to be the least used, with Capture, L8, Depence2, and WYSIWYG being much more popular.  I personally went with Vision because of the ease of getting a file out of Vectorworks quickly, but with the recent MVR export standard, this is now much less of an issue for other software.  I mean, the built in visualizer in GrandMA2 and 3 do a damn fine job of visualizing moving lights, and the Chamsys visualizer is no slouch either.  The ETC Eos software also has a similar tool called Augment3d, but it's a programming tool first with the previsualization being pretty substandard.

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11 hours ago, Jesse Cogswell said:


@Jesse Cogswell Hey Jesse! Thank you so much that you informed us so many knowledge. They are so useful knowledges. Anyone who needs to learn is find usefull what you said information.


Last night i started to try Eos Nomad for mac. I solve some processes but i became sad to nomad needs a dongle and a physical console.


For Chamsys MagicQ i researched it little bit. I didn't find its interface useful. I don't think to waste time for it.


For Obsidian Onyx; i don't know it. first time i heard its name. So if it doesn't work with mac, it's not wort a shot. 🙂


And also you explained your knowledge about all pre-visualization softwares. I'm happy for this. Actually i'm not lighting designer. I want to become a production manager/designer so i need a pre-visualization software for moving curtain, led screen, stage. I want to control them trough dmx address. I'm continuing to research to find it.


Thank you so much for your knowledges and share your experiences. 🙂

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The EOS/Nomad on the Mac should work in the Visualizer mode. You will see intensities randomly go to 0.

It's been a while since I have tested it but I used it all them time.

The only issue I know about on the EOS/Nomad is that the computer must be on a networks so it can obtain valid IP addresses.

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Hi Tom! I'm following almost all your post. You're helping to everyone with your knowledge. I couldn't use the nomad. Because it's not seeing the art net or sacn. I don't know where i make mistake. So I download the vista 3 then ı got solve the issue.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The only other thing we have seen is that on some Macs with multiple network interfaces don't work will with multi-cast/unicast so the data is not broadcast on all interfaces so Vision does not see the data. There is no way in the ETC software that I know where you can set unicast/milt-cast parameters.

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