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locus point in viewport

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Hi, I have a question about viewports.


When I make a new viewport a locus point is attached to it. I can not select it to delete it. Or move it. Why it bothers me is when I adjust my viewport the locus point is sometimes outside of the viewport which makes the selection box larger than my viewport. Also I would rather not see this locus point.


Is there some way to turn this off? 


thanks for your responses

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I've never had a viewport generate a locus point, it's most likely that the locus point is somewhere on one of your design layers or embedded in the annotations space of the viewport (but unless you're generating the viewport through a third-party script, that locus point would need to have been placed by someone...).


The way I would go about tracking it down would be to edit the viewport crop and see if I can crop out the locus point.  If I can, it would tell me that the point is on a design layer.  If I can't, the locus point would most likely be on the annotation layer of the viewport.  If it is on a design layer, select the viewport, click on the Layers button in the Object Info Palette, and make sure all layers are set to "Not Visible."  The result should be an outlined red box with red lines connecting the corners to form an X.  Then, one by one turn the layers back on.  When the locus point becomes visible again, that will be the design layer containing it.  Then, double-click the viewport and select Design Layer, and the offending design layer from the drop-down menu.  You should then be able to delete the locus point.


If this does not work, could you post the file, and one of us could try to track it down?  As far as I know, there's nothing in the process of creating a viewport that should generate a locus point on its own.

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If Jesse is right, try this to locate the locus.


Go to the Edit Viewport dialog box and make sure that the options for Display Viewport Attributes and Navigate back to Viewport are selected. I don't know if these are saved if you hit Cancel, so hit OK and then navigate back to the viewport. You may also want to turn on the Display Crop Object to give you a reference of where the locus will be, but remember that will put a big green object on your design layer you will need to delete later.


Deselect the viewport and then right click on the Locus Point and chose Edit Design Layer from the menu. This should take you directly to the layer that the locus point is on so you can delete it.

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