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"create standard sheets" not working

Mat Caird

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I have a drawing underway, and wish to add some extra sheets to it. I have modified the Iso borders but they are all working perfectly, the issue manager works fine etc.

So I go into FILE | SETUP | DOCUMENT SETUP and ensure that the "use border settings as preferences when sheets are created" is ticked.

Then I go to FILE | SETUP | CREATE STANDARD SHEETS and I attempt to add the sheet "Site Plan (General)". Use sheet border is ticked. In the sheets to be created dialog, I see all the existing sheets, plus the new one. They all have "w/border".

So I press OK and the script runs, and removes all my borders from every sheet.

So what is happening?

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Hi Mat,

I have tried to reproduce what you are describing and the new sheets are created successfully and all of the existing sheets still have the drawing borders. Does this happen on all drawings or just one? If it is just one drawing, can you send a copy to me at tomu@nemetschek.net and I will take a look at it.

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Hi Mat,

I found the problem. The drawing you are working with has the origin at x=320062211, y=696908065 and the Create Standard Sheets command is placing the drawing titles at x=0, y=0. So, the drawing titles are not disappearing, they are just way, way, far away from the center of the drawing. This is a bug which will be entered into the bug list and fixed in a future version.

In the meantime, you can work around this by doing the following:

(1) Use the Set Origin command and click on Set Origin to Drawing Center.

(2) Run the Create Standard Sheets command.

(3) Use the Set Origin command and click on Next Mouse Click Is, enter the original coordinates, and click on the center of the drawing.

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