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project sharing over the internet

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Project Sharing using file sync via Dropbox or Vectorworks Cloud Services. Dropbox is a touch quicker and I would say easier than VCS for now but VCS can offer dedicated support.


If all users have fast internet (download and upload), Project Sharing Server via a fast VPN might be even better but I haven't tested this method yet and I don't know of any other VW users who have. I only know that VW themselves have tested this method successfully.

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Might be nice if more cloud services like OneDrive could be added, too. Is high on the wishlist, as I understood. 

In these challenging times, if a student has to work on a project with an external group (like co-workers during one of their internships), wouldn't it be cool if they still could work in the same file? 
Anyone best practices with mixed licences (pro & edu) in project sharing situations?

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On 4/29/2021 at 10:12 AM, Matt Hall said:

What is the best way to use project sharing over the internet?

One of the groups I work with has had a lot of success using Dropbox.

Some "gotcha's" you have to look for (at least in a pre pandemic word)


Always check out your layers before getting on the plane and turn off your wifi on the plane while working with your file.

   - Even if the plane has wifi it may not be fast enough to sync to the xml file, and you could end up with a broken working file  that has been disconnected from the project file.

    - If that happens you have to create a new project file, and users have to create new working files which could strand some changes


If you work on both a desktop and a laptop create separate working files for each machine. The issue of a working file becoming disconnected from a project file can happen.


Make sure everyone on the project is using the desktop app, and working out of the file in the Dropbox folder.

    - Yes there are people that still don't know how to use Dropbox


Otherwise we've had a lot of success using project files assuming the users know how to use project files.

That said we created a document outlining best practices, and guidelines to help new to project files not screw up the classes and layers.




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@Wes Gardner Thank you, this is useful. However, I would like to understand if its possible to store and run true served-based project files on Vectorworks Cloud Service instead of nominated server (which we in this case don´t have). Sharing "normal" wvx-files is easy and simple yes, but in this case I mean true server-based project files. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Vesa, .vwxp files can be located in a shared folder on the Vectorworks Cloud. This is a new feature that was launched with v2021 sp3. This works just like dropbox. Share a folder, save your .vwx file in that folder, then convert it to a project file. You should integrate your VCS with your finder so you can access the files directly from the finder windows. You should also use the VCS desktop app to see the status of download and uploading .vwxp files while working. 



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Here´s another question.

If I as an admin like to share a project file to my colleagues, the file is obviously asking a persons name and user name.

Now, are the names, the real name or user name, related to anything within Vectorworks or in the users OS (other then identifying different users for a particular file)?

Hope this is not a stupid question but just like to fully understand how this works.   

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@Wes Gardner Thank you.

This is what I also though but according to local distributor, maybe yes but not necessarily.

This matter came up because Vectorworks seems to allow admin to give any name for a user.

If I (for example) write down "John" without "Doe" for a real name, the user name given by Vectorworks will be "john".

Then again, if I write "john" for a user name, Vectorworks seems to leave the window for users real name empty.

I don´t get the logic for this and I just would like to be sure before sharing the file.


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